Nov 30

MotoGP: Marquez Attends Honda ‘Thanks Day’

Marc Marquez (C) attends the Honda 'Thanks Day' (Photo: Getty Images)

(C) attends the ‘Thanks Day’ (Photo: Getty Images)

2013 World Champion Marc Marquez was at Twin Ring on Saturday in order to attend a ‘Thanks Day’ hosted by Honda in front of more than 10,000 fans.

The event served as an opportunity for the Japanese manufacturer to showcase the achievements of its season and for everybody involved to celebrate together in one location.

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Nov 10

Not Your Average Minivan: This Bisimoto Odyssey Packs 1000+ Horsepower

This 1,029-horsepower 2014 Honda Odyssey was on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Instagram - @Bisimoto)

This 1,029-horsepower 2014 was on display at the in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo: Instagram – @Bisimoto)

Running late to soccer practice? No problem.

The folks at Bisimoto have tricked out and tuned up this “Power-Van” to boast an enormous 1,029 horsepower. It’s still your standard seven-passenger 2014 Honda Odyssey, but with a massive overhaul done to the powertrain.

A look under the hood. (Photo: Honda)

A look under the hood. (Photo: Honda)

The minivan has achieved the four-figure horsepower feat through a number of changes under the hood – including but not limited to – AEM electronics, an Infinity ECU, Arias pistons, Turbonetics BTZ7265 twin turbochargers, Bisimoto’s custom 360 degree oil cap, a cat-back exhaust system, Deatschwerks 2200cc injectors, an upgraded Magnafuel 750cc fuel pump, R&R custom steel rods, a wastegate and blowoff valve.

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Nov 7

MotoGP: Honda Racing Corporation Unveils RCV1000R For 2014

MotoGP: Honda Racing Corporation Unveils RCV1000R For 2014

The RCV1000R Prototype machine will be used in the “Open” Class. (Photo: Courtesy of )

Today in Valencia, Honda Racing Corporation introduced the Honda RCV1000R prototype machine to be used from 2014 in the MotoGP “Open” Class (prototype machines with Magneti Marelli hardware and software, 24 liter tank and 12 engines per season). The goal of this new machine, which will be sold and not leased to the teams, is to compete in MotoGP with a reasonable budget.

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Oct 22

F1: Neale Delighted But Believes McLaren, Honda Have Work To Do

F1: Neale Delighted But Believes McLaren and Honda Have Work To Do

driver Jenson Button is guided by his mechanics toward the starting grid. (Photo: Getty Images)

McLaren managing director says that the team is delighted that ’s 2015 engine is already running on the dyno – but cautioned that there is still a long way to go to create a competitive package.

Honda released audio of its new engine earlier this week.

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Oct 18

F1: Honda Releases Audio Preview Of 2015 McLaren Engine

has released an audio recording of its V6 turbo powertrain being fired up on the dyno – some 17 months before its planned race debut in the 2015 Australian GP.

The engine will be used exclusively by for what will be the second year under the new regulations. engineers visited Honda while in Japan for the Grand Prix and have thus already have had the chance to see and hear it in action.

Renault and Mercedes have already released similar recordings. Reaction from fans to the new Honda sound has been mixed to say the least, but it’s worth noting that it will sound different when actually fitted into a car and running on track.

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