Porsche Motorsport North America President Jens Walther, right, with Porsche factory driver, Joerg Bergmeister, left. (Photo: John Dagys)

Motorsport North America president (right) talks with Porsche factory driver Joerg Bergmeister. (Photo: John Dagys)

Porsche has been in the headlines as of late, with the announcement that it will field a two-car full factory effort in next year’s , while also providing more than a dozen cars to customers competing in the new GT Daytona category in 2014.

SPEED recently caught up with Porsche Motorsport North America President Jens Walther for more insight into the new 911 GT America, which will become the German manufacturer’s new customer car in America. Up to 15 cars of the -specific model are expected to be produced for next year.

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