Will New Jersey Make Final F1 Schedule

A Team Red Bull F1 car sits on the stage with New York City in the background. (Photo: Getty Images)

New Jersey may have appeared on the latest unofficial 2014 F1 schedule, but sources continue to suggest that the race won’t make the final calendar, due to be agreed by the World Motor Sport Council on Friday.

The latest version, showing a triple header of Monaco, New Jersey and Canada on consecutive weekends, is regarded by teams as being completely unrealistic, with there being zero chance of getting the freight from Europe in time due to massive logistical issues.

can’t use the June 14-15 date, because it has been blocked for Le Mans by the – a provision that he must have agreed to. Although there have been suggestions that the ruling could be changed a more likely scenario is that Ecclestone has given the race a token date in order to fulfill his obligations while knowing that the New Jersey promoters won’t be able to fulfill theirs and it will be cancelled. One source suggested that June 2014 would in any case be too early and that the emphasis is already shifting to 2015.

Meanwhile, Mexico is looking likely to be confirmed for November 2014. Charlie Whiting and a Tilke representative visited the Mexico City track recently and plans for revisions to the track and a new pit complex are in hand.

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