Sebastian Vettel participates in a press conference at Spa-Francorchamps. (Photo: Getty Images)

participates in a press conference at Spa-Francorchamps. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sebastian Vettel is confident that he can maintain his winning momentum into the second half of the season, but the German doesn’t underestimate the opposition.

“I think we had a great first part of the season,” he said. “Very good results, unfortunately one DNF, but all in all I think we can be very happy with the first half. Now entering the second half and looking at the calendar, I think it will be very busy for all of us, but I think we have the same reason to be confident as we had starting the season.

“I think we have a great car, a great team, a strong package, which hopefully is good enough to fight for victories in the next couple of races.”

Asked if he thought would now be his main rival, Vettel said: “Well, I think he’s one of them. Obviously, like I said, we had a good first half of the season. We can be very happy with that. We just need to go step by step, race by race and then not get distracted by too many things happening around the outside, outside of the team.

“I think Mercedes has been very competitive, not just Lewis, also Nico (Rosberg) who has won two races already this year. We know that they are very quick in qualifying. Hungary, in a way, for the first time – not really the first time – they had the ability, let’s say, to show their speed in the race as well, but really since Monaco, in a way, they’ve been competitive in the races. As I said, Nico won the race at Silverstone. Lewis was in the lead when he had the tire failure.

“Surely, the last couple of races they were most competitive, but then I think Lotus has always been there scoring points with Kimi (Raikkonen). Romain (Grosjean) is fighting his way back. Ferrari, I think, has a little bit of a low at the moment, but still they’ve got good points, so I think all of these teams and the drivers, you still have to keep them in mind. But as I said, for us it’s not that important to pick one particular driver or person or team. As I said, first of all, we have to get our own stuff sorted, and then we will see what happens.”

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