MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez (left) is seen with F1 driver Fernando Alonso (right) prior to the Grand Prix of Italy. (Photo: Getty Images)

World Champion (left) is seen with F1 driver (right) prior to the Grand Prix of Italy. (Photo: Getty Images)

Two giants of world motorsport came together at the Circuit when Marc Marquez and Fernando Alonso got together on the eve of Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix.

The two Spanish stars met in Marquez’s Repsol Honda garage after he claimed pole position for the 23 lap race, his sixth consecutive pole this season.

Marquez, 21 and the youngest ever MotoGP World Champion, later revealed that one day he would like to try an F1 car but not in a race.

Marquez’s initial choice was the world championship winning Red Bull car but when prompted that Honda are returning to F1 next year Marquez said : “OK, the Honda.”

Given his stellar rise and status within Honda one suspects Marquez will have no problem getting some track time in an F1 car.

Alonso, 32, is a two-time F1 World Champion, currently driving for Ferrari, and was surprisingly making his first ever visit to the paddock at a MotoGP race and to see the 260 hp, 1000cc bikes live at a circuit.

“I was with Fernando in the box after qualifying, it was the first time I had met him so it was nice to be with an F1 driver like him,” Marquez said.

“We talked about the bikes and he said that it was interesting to see the bikes live at the track.

“We also spoke about F1 and shared the same opinion. That the car in F1 can make a bigger difference and if you have the worst car it is impossible to be at the front.”

Before coming to Mugello, Alonso took in some stages of the Giro Italia cycle race as he reportedly contemplates setting up his own professional cycling team.

“Fernando told me that from watching TV that everything looks easy and smooth on the bikes but live at the track you can see that the bikes are moving and sliding all the time,” Marquez said.

“We had the same opinion that with the bike, and depending on your riding style, you are able to manage the performance more than the car.”

Marquez is seeking his sixth win of the season at Mugello, a task made easier with his Yamaha rival Valentino Rossi qualifying a poor tenth for his home race.

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