Montreal Win Extends Vettel’s Lead

Photo: Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel put in a superb performance in Montreal to further extend his World Championship lead.

It wasn’t quite a flawless afternoon however, as on one occasion he brushed the wall, and later he went onto the grass at Turn One.

“Obviously I was pushing very hard at the beginning to get away and open a gap,” said Vettel. “It’s Canada, you obviously go close to the walls here or there, sometimes a little bit closer than I wanted but fortunately I didn’t brush the walls.

“I’m really just trying to just open as much of a gap as I can. I felt I had more pace in the beginning of the race, it’s difficult to foresee what’s happening later on, when you swap tires, also in terms of range – how far we were going to get on each set of tires.

“We weren’t sure if it was a one-stop or a two-stop. So all these things you don’t know so it’s good to have a little bit of time on your hands, which was the reason why I pushed very hard in the beginning. Obviously it was clear quickly after the first stint that we had a good gap and controlled it.

“It was difficult with the traffic etc, but I think we had a great car and we always had enough pace on hand to react and control the gap. In the end I went straight in turn one. I think I could have saved or caught the car, but I didn’t want to risk a spin.

“So I decided, should I stay should I go, then I decided to cut the corner, slowed down. Obviously there was traffic again with a backmarker, so I let him by to really make sure I rejoined the track in a safe way, which cost a lot of time. But yeah I was just a bit too late in the first corner heating the brakes.”

Vettel said he wasn’t yet focusing on championship points just yet.

“To be honest with you, I care for the win today. Obviously you don’t have to be a genius to know that you get more points than anybody else for that result, but the championship is still long and obviously I was in a different position last year at this time and I was able to catch up quite a lot towards the end. I had very strong races.

“Fernando was a little bit unlucky here and there and we were able to beat him, so we were able to come back but this was ten races from where we are now so I think there are so many things that can happen at that stage of the championship, I’m happy to stand on the grid and focus on the race, trying to win, and the rest we will see later on if we are still in a strong position. I think there’s enough of you reminding us if we’re not, you are there as well.”