Forbes has published a fascinating list of the highest earning drivers throughout the world of motorsports. Of the 10 that made this coveted list, five drivers represent , four come from , and one comes from the world of .

As stated by Forbes:

The highest-paid drivers in motorsports come from the world of Formula One, Nascar and MotoGP. We looked at earnings between June 2012 and June 2013 derived from salaries, bonuses, endorsements, as well as the drivers’ shares of winnings and licensing.

Check out the list and count up to the highest paid driver in all of motorsports.

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No. 10 Jenson Button - $14 million – Formula 1

Jenson Button

Photo: Getty Images

No. 9 Danica Patrick – $15 million – NASCAR

Danica Patrick

Photo: Getty Images

No. 8 Sebastian Vettel – $18 million – Formula 1

Sebastian Vettel

Photo: Getty Images

No. 7 Jeff Gordon – $18.2 million – NASCAR

Jeff Gordon

Photo: Getty Images

No. 6  Tony Stewart – $18.5 million – NASCAR

Tony Stewart

Photo: Getty Images

No. 5 Valentino Rossi – $22 million – MotoGP

 Valentino Rossi

Photo: Getty Images

No. 4 Jimmy Johnson – $24 million – NASCAR

Jimmy Johnson

Photo: Getty Images

No. 3 Dale Earnhardt Jr. – $26 million – NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Photo: Getty Images

No. 2 Lewis Hamilton – $27.5 million – Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton

Photo: Getty Images

No. 1 Fernando Alonso – $30 million – Formula 1

Fernando Alonso

Photo: Getty Images