Pastor Maldonado's car is lifted off the track during FP2. (Photo: Getty Images)

’s car is removed from the track during FP2. (Photo: Getty Images)

Williams has been fined €60,000 ($82,799.96) by the FIA for an unsafe release of Pastor Maldonado in Free Practice 2 in India.

A wheel nut came loose and rolled across the track after the Venezuelan left the pits. However the wheel – the right front – was retained, and he continued on before finally stopping close to the pit entry.

In Suzuka, Maldonado lost a wheel during practice. The FIA regarded it as a “serious safety issue,” fined the team €60,000, and ensured that modifications were made to the wheel retaining system.

This time the FIA made it clear that the penalty would have been higher had the wheel not been retained, and the stewards also noted that the problem was triggered by an accidental cross-threading.

Apart from the unsafe release they also noted that the secondary retaining plunger had failed to keep the wheel fastener in place, which is a breach of the technical regulations.

They said: “The team need to ensure that both the wheel and its fastener are fully retained on the car. The Stewards decide that a fine of €60,000 is the most appropriate penalty in this case taking into account this was the second offense, but on this occasion the wheel was retained.”


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