Sebastian Vettel watches as his car is removed from the Spanish GP circuit. (Photo: Getty Images)

watches as his car is removed from the circuit. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sebastian Vettel will start the Spanish GP from 15th place after being forced to change his gearbox following Saturday’s qualifying session.

The four-time World Champion was exiting pit lane when his RB10 stalled momentarily. He managed to get going again but the car would lose drive in the first turn, forcing Vettel out of the 10-minute Q3 session.

“I’m quite disappointed today,” said Vettel. “I didn’t get much time at all this weekend in the car. Obviously a gearbox issue stopped us running in Q3.

“I left the garage and I lost drive in second gear. Obviously it was clear there was a problem, but I still had third gear, so I thought OK I’ll manage the lap without second gear. Unfortunately then by Turn 1 I lost all the other gears.


“There’s not much I can do. Of course it’s a bit disappointing, and by now a bit boring. We’ve had all sorts of problems.”

Vettel said his lack of running on Friday was expensive: “I think I needed more and more laps, I was getting more and more in the rhythm. Obviously I missed yesterday. I thought it would be worth shooting for P3, I think that’s what we have in the car, but we never got that far.

“Tricky conditions today, I think everybody is running out of tires towards the end of the lap. You’re never 100 percent happy. We had a good shot, probably, to what the car could do today. P3 was probably our maximum.”

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