F1: Toto Wolff Of Mercedes Has Strong Words For Lotus

GP executive director . (Photo: Getty Images)

Mercedes motor sport boss Toto Wolff says that it’s “incomprehensible” that drivers have gone unpaid by F1 teams.

The Kimi Raikkonen situation has created headlines, although others have been in a similar situation.

“Of course it’s not a good sign — drivers not being paid, or employees and suppliers not being paid,” said Wolff. “It’s not what we want to see. It’s a matter of how you manage your business, and for me it just seems strange. I’ve never had any similar situation in all my life. I’ve never seen any similar situation, and I just wonder why the hell people are not paying their staff. Is it true or is it not true? I don’t know. If it is true for me, it’s just incomprehensible.”

On the specifics of a top team like struggling, he said: “Of course it’s not nice to hear that a frontrunning team isn’t able to pay the bills. But for me it’s a matter of how you manage your company. Without wanting to be too hard, because I have no knowledge about how the team is being run, you operate on the budgets you have available, and this is how any other normal company functions.

“I think speaking too much about, is F1 in bad shape or not, yes, the whole world is in bad shape. The whole environment is in bad shape, and we have to all look about how we finance our operations. The same applies to us; you can’t overspend. It’s damaging for F1 to hear those stories, and it’s not good.”

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