Red Bull Racing is winless in 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)

is winless in 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)

Germany’s Bild newspaper claims the reigning World Champion team, Red Bull Racing, is alleged to have tested indoors at the Austrian company AVL’s rolling road facility in Graz, Austria.

A six-day test, involving Red Bull’s troubled engine supplier Renault, reportedly occurred between the last preseason track test in Bahrain and the start of the season in Australia.
Rumors of the illegal test reportedly began to circulate after someone sent correspondence to the FIA as well as the Mercedes, Ferrari and Sauber teams.

Germany’s Auto Bild reports that the test actually involved Red Bull’s junior team, , who have been deeply involved in the efforts to pull Renault out of its preseason technical crisis.

Reports say that Red Bull test driver Antonio Felix da Costa tweeted in early March that he was headed to Austria for a “5 day trip,” and that he tweeted this two days later:

“Spending the weekend in Graz, Austria … not by choice though!”

The tweets have since been deleted. was contacted Thursday by a member of Red Bull Racing’s public relations, who says that “Red Bull Racing didn’t conduct the test … The test mentioned in the article would be permitted by the regulations, but in any case Red Bull Racing didn’t do it – which we advised yesterday.”

So the speculation begins: are these rumors the grand result of the F1 paddock trying to prevent the ever-improving Red Bull Racing RB10 chassis from taking the season by storm, or could we be seeing a repeat of the Mercedes/Pirelli 2013 fiasco?

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