Daniel Ricciardo was all smiles after qualifying second for the Chinese Grand Prix. (Photo: Getty Images)

was all smiles after qualifying second for the Chinese Grand Prix. (Photo: Getty Images)

Daniel Ricciardo continued to impress by earning second on the grid in a tricky wet qualifying session in China – pipping teammate Sebastian Vettel by half a second.

Ricciardo didn’t have an entirely perfect afternoon, but did the lap time when it mattered.

“I think that was very pleasing to do it at the end,” he said. “To be honest, I struggled a bit throughout the session, at least personally I didn’t feel like I was getting on top of the conditions, but then the last set of inters right at the end of Q3 we managed to get a bit more out of it and I put a good lap together, so pretty pleased to be on the front row.”

Ricciardo said conditions were not easy: “Especially when a bit of water falls on the track it always makes it more challenging wherever you are. And there’s a few places across the track here where there’s a [surface] change, and you get quite a big difference in grip through some of these corners – so trying to basically find the right line and the best way to drive around, particularly these trickier parts of the track with tarmac changes, is a bit complex.

“It took a bit of time to understand that but I think we got it in the end. Looking forward to tomorrow. If it’s dry I think we can race up the front. I’ll be ducking my head down the straight, like in a go-kart but yeah, we’ll hopefully hang on and fight for at least a podium I hope.”

He’s hopeful of a good race, even in the dry.

“Yeah, as I say I think we’ve got a good chance to at least stay up the pointy end. It’s probably going to be a big strategy game tomorrow with two or three stop. It’s pretty close. If you can make a two-stop work successfully I think it’s going to help out, but we’ll see what happens in 24 hours.”

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