Lotus needs to finalize the Quantum deal before signing a second drive for 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)

needs to finalize the Quantum deal before signing a second driver for 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lotus team principal says that the Quantum deal is still happening, despite widespread skepticism in the paddock.

The team admits that no funding has arrived, despite the deal being announced in June. Until the situation is clear the team cannot confirm a partner for .

“Well, there is still some discussion ongoing, especially now between bankers,” said Boullier. “The process is not fully completed but I think part of it has been done, which is obviously a good sign for the weekend and we hope that everything is closed by early next week.

“Obviously you need to have the right package to get the right driver. But obviously sometimes the right driver is with the right package. So we will do our best to keep our force all together. That for me is the main point. Make sure the team is sticking all together. Keep, let’s say, the best expertise we have onboard and make sure we can deliver the right cars and the right package on track, that’s the most important point.

“I’m still confident I will get one of the guys I want.”

Asked negative stories on Quantum boss Mansoor Ijaz’s business background – and how much due diligence the team had done – he said: “Fortunately we don’t have to base our judgement only on Google, with all respect to Google for what they are doing. To answer the question, yes, we have very serious proof of funds and good compliance of what is Quantum Motorsport.”

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