Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium in Malaysia. (Photo: Getty Images)

celebrates on the podium in Malaysia. (Photo: Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton put the massive disappointment of his early retirement in Australia behind him with a faultless performance in Malaysia, heading home in a Mercedes one-two in the home country of the team’s main sponsor Petronas.

It was also Hamilton’s first ever victory at .

“It’s my eighth year here (at Sepang) and finally got that win,” he said. “I really just owe it all to the team. They did a fantastic job, the guys back at the factory, pushing non-stop to get the car to where it is.

“I mean it’s quite special when you get a one-two. I’ve not had many in my career and so that makes it even more special. I’m really grateful for all the work that’s been done.”

Hamilton said the race wasn’t as easy as it might have looked.

“I don’t think any race is ever easy. Obviously there are opportunities that are presented in front of you, and obviously you have to take them with both hands, and today that’s what I did. But no, looking after the car, looking after fuel, not making any mistakes, it was a massive challenge in that sense.

“I would hear that Nico had stepped up the speed, (it’s about) reacting to those things without damaging your tires, so without doubt it was still a great challenge, but one that I was able to do well because the car was spectacular this weekend.

“Fortunately, the team were just spot on with all the pit stops and the calling, the timing. Also the info I was getting was just spot on.”

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