Valtteri Bottas (right) has carried the Williams F1 Team banner so far in 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)

(right) has carried the Williams F1 Team banner so far in 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)

insists his career is not being put in the shadow by rising star and teammate Valtteri Bottas.

The warring Mercedes duo aside, the undoubted headliner of the last three races has been Bottas, a shy Finn who on Sunday completed a hat-trick of podiums.

Former F1 driver Patrick Tambay told RMC Sport he thinks Bottas, 24, is establishing himself as a “star for the next ten years.”

“He’s a tough competitor,” Massa told Brazil’s Totalrace, “but I have no reason to fear him — no way.”

The Brazilian, a long-time Ferrari driver until his switch to Williams this year, has had lower-profile season of results, including his spectacular rollover crash at Hockenheim.

“I know what I’m capable of, what I can do for the team, my speed,” Massa insisted.

“I lack nothing to him. I’ve done as much as he did in the last few races, or even better,” said the 33-year-old, who has scored 61 fewer points than Bottas so far in 2014.

“I have no concern with it,” Massa continued.

“I am glad for what has happened to him because he has earned it through his work, but we could be ahead of Red Bull (in the constructors’ standings) if everything that happened to me did not.”

Massa said the situation is not as difficult to cope with as some previous bad seasons with Ferrari.

“It is more difficult when it is an issue about you, or you needing to improve,” he explained. “For sure this period will eventually end. I have no concerns with my pace.

“If I was slow and I did not have the results because of my fault, it would be different.”

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