Johnny Walker – a partner of the Vodafone Mercedes F1 Team – has released a 90-second film showing a race car made out of 1,750 whiskey glasses to help boost its Join The Pact campaign.

The short ad was inspired by the fragility of glass, beautiful and powerful, yet so easily shattered. It features a stunning CGI model of a McLaren F1 car and a breathtaking crash scene at 300 frames per second.

“Staying in control is what matters in racing,” said two-time F1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen. “Split second decisions are the difference between finishing first and finishing last — or not finishing at all.

“The Glass Car is a powerful reminder of how easily our dreams can be shattered — watch it, share it and sign the pact never to drink and drive.”

Join The Pact aims to gather one million commitments to never drink and drive by inviting consumers around the world to use the hashtag #ImNOTdriving on social media. In return, Johnnie Walker is pledging to give away one million kilometers (621,371 miles) of safe rides home.

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