Christian Horner -team principal- Red Bull Racing. (Photo: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic)

-team principal- Racing.
(Photo: Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic)

Red Bull boss Christian Horner remains confident that Renault will be able to address the issues that have afflicted the RB10 this week.

has logged only 11 laps after the car suffered problems with its energy store, one of the key elements of the energy recovery system.

“I think this test was always designed to be a systems check,” Horner stated. “It’s obvious that Renault have had a few issues down here that they’re working hard to get on top of. I’m sure that with more dyno time, and bit more track time, they should be fine.

“Of course any track time is valuable, we’ve just got to make sure we recover it in the remaining test days.”

The car emerged late yesterday after the team had a problem of its own, before the Renault issues struck.

“It was internal within the gearbox, and it was an issue that cost us a bit of track time, but our track time was curtailed at the end of the day anyway.”

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