French prosecutor Patrick Quincy, who is leading the inquiry into Michael Schumacher's skiing accident, responds to journalists' questions during a press conference on January 8, 2014 at the courthouse of Albertville. (Photo: Getty Images)

French prosecutor Patrick Quincy, who is leading the inquiry into ’s skiing accident, responds to journalists’ questions during a press conference on Jan. 8, 2014 at the courthouse of Albertville. (Photo: Getty Images)

French authorities hosted a press conference in Albertville Wednesday morning in order to give more details of their investigation into Michael Schumacher’s accident.

Although relatively little emerged, prosecutor Patrick Quincy did clarify a few points.

He confirmed that a video from Schumacher’s GoPro helmet camera has played a big part in the investigation. He said it was “perfectly clear,” and had been used to help with reconstructing the accident. Schumacher was 8m off the piste when he struck a rock.

Quincy said: “He followed the red piste and he went off piste. He is evidently an extremely good skier, but one of his skis hit a rock that was sticking out of the piste, and it caused him to fall and he hit his head on a rock. The rock that he hit is eight meters from the piste. His position after he fell was nine meters from the piste.

“We examined the film that was realized from his helmet. This film is perfectly clear and gives us a lot of information, and it confirms all the information that we already had. We used this film to do a reconstruction of the accident.”

Quincy added that the video lasted two minutes and that there was no sign of Schumacher stopping to help anyone who had fallen over. It was said earlier this week that Schumacher had assisted the daughter of a friend, and had crashed just after restarting.

There has been no sign of a phone video reportedly taken by a bystander and showing the accident in the background, and Quincy said he doubted that it existed.

It was also confirmed that Schumacher’s skis were in “perfect condition,” and had not contributed to the accident, but had been damaged by contact with the rock.

It was said that Schumacher’s exact speed was not yet clear, but he had slowed when he began to turn. Speed was not regarded as an important factor.

Quincy stressed that the marking of the piste was a significant part of the investigation, and added that it was too early to say whether there was a fault on the part of the resort. He would not comment on whether Schumacher had been careless when he went off-piste.

However, asked about the possibility of legal proceedings, he said he “cannot see that at the moment.”

Quincy said: “Every winter season we have about 50 accidents of this nature, and we always use the same methods and we give the same attention to detail to everything we do.”

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