Fernando Alonso (R), Stefano Domenicali (C), and  Kimi Raikkonen (R) of the 2014 Ferrari F1 team. (Photo: Courtesy of Ferrari)

Driver (left), team boss (center) and driver (right) stand with the 2014 F1 car. (Photo: Courtesy of )

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali says that the team will come first as the Italian outfit tries to manage the interests of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.

“It was a rational choice, based on the need to have an expert driver pairing,” said Domenicali. “With the one aim of it doing well for Ferrari. I hope the track will show that it was the right choice. How will we manage them? Decisions are always carefully considered, but they always have the same aim, which is that the sporting decisions are taken to reach the team’s goals, as the interest of the team always comes before all else. Decisions we have taken in the past have always been reached in this spirit.”

Domenicali says that Raikkonen has changed, and suggests that the Finn knows he has to raise his game in order to take on Alonso.

“I have found a more mature Kimi, more closely knit to the team. He comes to Maranello almost every week to work with the engineers. He knows his worth and he knows what team he has returned to and what challenges he will face, having a World Champion like Alonso alongside him for whom he has respect and he will have to adapt to working with him.

“Fernando is extremely intelligent and has managed to stay ahead in whatever car he has driven. He has an ability to interpret the race and to read it in an amazing way, and I think he will make the most of the new regulations, which will require some stages of the race to be managed in a different way. We feel close to him partly because it was such a long time ago that we decided to invest in him.”

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