James Allison supports Ferrari's decision to search for more technical assistance. (Photo: Getty Images)

supports ’s decision to search for more technical talent. (Photo: Getty Images)

Ferrari chassis technical director James Allison says he has no problem with the team searching for new technical talent to bolster the team – and he remains confident in the support that he receives from the management.

Stories about an approach to Adrian Newey continue to make the headlines, although not surprisingly new team boss Marco Mattiacci denied yesterday that he had made one.

“I think regarding any people coming to Ferrari I would hope that Marco Mattiacci and our president Mr Montezemolo would be continuously trying to find for Ferrari, for Maranello, people of the absolute best caliber,” Allison said on Friday. “Because at the bottom of everything this sport is about the people you put into it. I would hope that they were doing just that. Precisely who they are talking to and when, Marco already spoke about that yesterday.

“But what I can say from my point of view is that Ferrari is extremely supportive of me, extremely supportive of the direction that I would like to take the car in technically, and take the company technically, so I don’t really have much that I need to ask for from them because the company is already supporting the direction that I would like to travel in in the way that I would hope they would.

“If my judgement is correct about what we should be doing technically, and the way we should be organizing ourselves technically, then that backing that I’m fortunate to receive I hope will start to pay off, and we’ll see a Ferrari where anyone who likes the red team would want to see them.”

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