David Ward Says Jean Todt May Have No Opposition

is the current president of the . (Photo: Getty Images)

FIA presidential candidate says that there may be no official challengers to Jean Todt, as a result of the incumbent locking in support.

In order to be officially nominated, Ward has to receive support from the various regions in the form of at least one vote for a Vice President of Sport on his ticket.

Ward says that 11 out of the 12 members of the North American region pledged their support to Todt at a gathering in Montevideo in March, leaving only El Salvador not committed to Todt. If El Salvador does not now support Ward, there will be no opposition to Todt in the December election.

Ward has been calling for letters of support collected by Todt to be revoked.

“The absurd situation in which just one club in North America may determine whether or not there can be a challenger to Jean Todt risks turning the FIA election into a farce,” said Ward in a letter to club presidents. “It shows clearly the detrimental effect that the Montevideo support agreement is having on the 2013 election.

“If any of the signatories decide to provide a Vice President to a rival candidate, they have no alternative but to face the embarrassment of breaking a commitment of support for Jean Todt that they made in his presence at the Montevideo meeting — an agreement which was then subject to a photo-call and a press announcement.

“This is why I am asking for the support letters to be recognized as a clear breach of the FIA’s rules, and revoked in my complaint to the Ethics Committee.”


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