driver Lewis Hamilton is no stranger when it comes to stirring things up on Twitter, and the 2008 World Champion created quite a buzz on the popular social media site last weekend when he tweeted this picture of him with teammate riding unicycles, announcing that they were “still friends.”

However, that hasn’t seemed to stop speculation as to what we’re going to see go down at next weekend’s Formula 1 race in Montreal.

During Formula 1′s latest outing at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix, Rosberg essentially had the race won in qualifying, when the German ran off track during the dying minutes of qualifying causing the yellow flag to be flown and Hamilton’s shot at taking the pole from him to be foiled.

Whether Rosberg ran off intentionally or not remains a question that, quite possibly, will never be answered. Though the stewards cleared Rosberg of any blame, Hamilton’s body language post-race seemed to suggest that he believed otherwise.

The Hamilton/Rosberg rivalry has been heating up race after race in 2014:

  • Australia: Hamilton breaks down from the lead, giving Rosberg the win
  • Malaysia: Mercedes score a historic 1-2 finish with Hamilton in front
  • Bahrain: Mercedes teammates duke it out in dying laps; Hamilton emerges triumphant
  • China: Rosberg gets bad start allowing Hamilton to run away for win
  • Spain: Rosberg closes in on Hamilton in dying laps but unable to pass him
  • Monaco: Rosberg gets first win since Australia after qualifying incident

Although Hamilton’s recent tweet seems to suggest that there is no longer any bad blood between the teammates, various journalists around the world have speculated otherwise:

Speed Week correspondent Mathias Brunner says that the tweet “seems like a bandaid for a blister – it helps but pretty soon it falls off.”

The Daily Mail’s Jonathan McEvoy  wonders if Hamilton even penned the tweet, stating that “the timing was mysterious … only a few hours earlier a Mercedes spokesman said he thought Hamilton was in the air, travelling to North America” for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Even Mercedes team chairman Niki Lauda acknowledges that the rivalry may not be over yet.

“In Montreal we will get together again and discuss everything calmly, and afterwards the fight for the world championship goes on with both of them in equal cars,” said the three-time Formula 1 World Champion.

“Having two alphas sitting in the best car is of course tricky … We let our drivers race against each other without restrictions, because while tension is quite normal, it can also escalate. Then I can get involved as a mentor.”


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