Due to unforseen circumstances, two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso will be pumping gas at Marenello rather than racing at Bahrain this weekend.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, two-time champion will be pumping gas at Maranello rather than racing at Bahrain this weekend.

Many of the drivers have expressed their displeasure with the new turbo-era of Formula 1. However, instead of talking about it, Fernando Alonso has taken action about it, and says he refuses to step into the F1 paddock again “until the sound problem is fixed”

Alonso planned on competing in the 2014 Challenge for the rest of the season, but unfortunately finds himself out of a ride after Giancarlo Fissichella signed a contract securing the final spot in the field yesterday. The only job left at Maranello was gas station attendant.

“It’s not too bad, actually,” confesses the Spaniard. “It’s nice to still be doing an outdoors job … especially at this time of year.

“Hopefully I will have secured a ride with another team before the weather turns cold again.”

When asked if he knew that Alain Prost had started off as a gas station attendant at April Fuels, Alonso admitted that he was unaware of the fact.

“I did know that Nigel Mansell used to pump gas,” added Alonso. “And Nelson Piquet and Jim Clark. Perhaps this will make me a more successful driver.

“It is nice to get to see so many different sports cars during a day. We get a few Lambos and Maseratis come our way too … we have a special pump for them that hasn’t been cleaned out in a few years so it’s nice to know that I’m still doing Ferrari a service.”

Ferrari have yet to confirm a second driver for the team at next weekend’s Bahrain GP, but Alonso says that the team do not seem too unfazed by his departure.

“There are so many great race car drivers out there now that they shouldn’t have much trouble. Although [Stefano] Domenicali said that if we can’t find someone by Thursday, he might step in the seat.

“I don’t plan on getting back in an F1 car until the sound problem is fixed. Whether that be one week, two, or never, I don’t care. The good news is we’ve got Bernie [Ecclestone] on our side … so hopefully it will be sooner, rather than later. This job doesn’t pay as well.”

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