Feb 19

F1: FIA Confirms Rule Changes To Pre-Race Team Operations

Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Infiniti Red Bull Racing prepares to drive. (Photo: Getty Images)

of Germany and Infiniti Red Bull Racing prepares to drive. (Photo: Getty Images)

The has now formally ratified a rule change that will allow teams to play six curfew jokers rather than only two.

Although the change was tabled some time ago it has only just been added to the latest version of the Sporting Regulations. It will be in place only for this season, and acknowledges that teams face extra challenges in the first year of the new rules.

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Feb 17

F1: FIA Legalizes ‘Doughnuts’ For Race Winners

Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Infiniti Red Bull Racing performs donuts in his car after winning the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix. (Photo: Getty Images)

of Germany and Infiniti Red Bull Racing performs ‘doughnuts’ after winning the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix. (Photo: Getty Images)

Post-race celebratory ‘doughnuts’ have been legalized by F1′s governing body.

Sebastian Vettel was given an official reprimand by the after crossing the line in India to become World Champion for the fourth time last season.

“Are you serious?” Lewis Hamilton asked rhetorically when told of Vettel’s penalty. “That’s crazy!”

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Jan 31

F1: Ecclestone Slams New Formula 1 Rules As A ‘Total Farce’

Bernie Ecclestone. (Photo: Steve Etherington/LAT Photographic)

. (Photo: Steve Etherington/LAT Photographic)

Bernie Ecclestone has done little to reassure fans who harbor doubts about the new F1 rules by branding this week’s testing in Jerez as a “total farce.”

Ecclestone has long made his feelings about the rule change clear, especially with regard to the noise made by the engines.

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Jan 27

F1: Toro Rosso Questions Lotus Nose Design

2014 Lotus E22. (Photo: Courtesy of Lotus)

2014 E22. (Photo: Courtesy of )

technical director James Key has questioned whether the distinctive ‘twin-prong’ nose seen on the Lotus E22 is within the spirit what was intended by the rules. He acknowledged that it appears to have been accepted as legal by the .

“The Lotus nose needs clarification, but it’s a very clever idea,” he said. “The question really is, is it within the spirit? We’ll see. It’s really down to the FIA and Lotus to discuss that obviously. If they run it, then it’s passed the impact test, and they’re happy.”

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Jan 23

F1: FIA Confirms Cost Control Measures On The Way

(L-R) Bernie Ecclestone of the Formula One Group and Jean Todt the President of the FIA 2013. (Photo: Getty Images)

F1 boss (left) sits with president Jean Todt. (Photo: Getty Images)

The FIA has confirmed its earlier plan to introduce cost control and cost reduction regulations for 2015, following a meeting on Wednesday.

The regulations will be presented to the World Motor Sport Council in June and will come into force for the start of next season.

An FIA statement said: “The FIA president reaffirmed to members of the WMSC the FIA’s intention to assure a healthy, affordable and spectacular FIA Formula One World Championship for the long-term future. At a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group yesterday, chaired by the FIA president, and attended by Bernie Ecclestone and the teams, it was unanimously agreed that cost reduction and cost control regulations will be presented to the WMSC in June 2014 for introduction in January 2015.”

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