Sep 30

F1 Preview: Can Vettel Repeat Korean GP Win

F1 Grand Prix of Korea

drives on his way to finishing second during the Korean Formula One Grand Prix at the Korea International Circuit on October 14, 2012 in Yeongam-gun, South Korea. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

The Korean Grand Prix is one of the newest additions on the calendar. Debuting in 2010, there were concerns ahead of the race that the circuit wouldn’t be ready. Despite numerous delays for the final track inspection, the circuit was completed, just about, and the inaugural F1 round in Korea took place.

Organizers of the race wanted the Korean Grand Prix to be held at a venue near the capital of Seoul; however they got the complete opposite. 400 miles away sits the Korea International Circuit, a remote location that has hindered attendance figures and proved to be a tricky location to house the thousands involved in the Formula 1 circus.


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Sep 24

F1 Winners And Losers In 2013 Tire Changes?

F1 Winners and Losers In 2013 Tire Changes?

A Mercedes F1 team member checks on tires ahead of the F1 Singapore GP. (Photo: Roslan Rahman/AFP/Getty Images)

After the , sole tire supplier Pirelli changed the construction of the tires in order to avoid future delaminating issues. The new construction was similar to 2012’s Kevlar designed belt but incorporated 2013’s tread — a hybrid of sorts. The Kevlar-belted tires ran 10 degrees centigrade lower than the initial 2013 steel-belted tires.

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Sep 17

F1 Prepares For Singapore GP Under The Lights

Formula 1 Prepares For Singapore GP

An overview from Swissotel Stanford shows the track for the upcoming Formula One night race. (Photo: Getty Images)

Formula One will replace the history and speed of Monza for the bright lights of Singapore this weekend, as the only night race on the calendar takes place.

Racing under 1,600 specially made flood-lights, the 22 best drivers in the world will tackle the tight and tricky Marina Bay Street Circuit.

With no margin for error, the circuit is a true test of both driver and machine. It requires a high downforce setup and strong traction and grip out of the slow chicanes and hairpins.

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Sep 13

Webber Weighs In On Raikkonen, Alonso Pairing

Webber Weighs In On Raikkonen, Alonso Pairing

of Australia and Infiniti prepares to drive. (Photo: Getty Images)

While the press, fans and even Sir Jackie Stewart have been wringing their hands over Ferrari’s appointment of Kimi Raikkonen as ’s teammate in 2014, other luminaries aren’t seeing it as an explosive train wreck waiting to happen.

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Sep 9

F1′s World Of Tires, Votes And Money

F1's World Of Tires, Votes And Money

tires are seen following qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. (Photo: Getty Images)

has traditionally been operated in the penumbra of a document called the Concorde Agreement. This legally-binding document ties the teams, the commercial right’s owners (FOM) and the governing body (FIA) together in a dance of speed, technology and perhaps most importantly…money. The agreement expired in December of 2012 and to date, no extension has been signed.

What we do have is a memorandum of understanding between the FIA and FOM as to how the Concorde Agreement will be completed. F1 boss says that the teams and the commercial right’s holder have already signed a commercial agreement but the FIA’s ink is the only thing missing on the signature line.

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