With a 120 kilowatt-hour flow-cell, Quant claims a range of 372 miles or more. (Photo: Quant)

With a 120 kilowatt-hour flow-cell, claims a range of 372 miles or more. (Photo: )

So many companies claim to have developed the future of road car propulsion that those making genuine strides run the risk of being ignored. Luckily, German firm Quant is avoiding such a fate, as its innovative ‘flow-cell’-powered vehicle has just been approved for real-world testing by the German TÜV safety body.

The Quant e-Sportlimousine was first revealed at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, powered by what the company called ‘nanoFLOWCELL’ technology. In essence, flow-cells combine characteristics of a traditional battery, and fuel cells. Electrolyte fluid is circulated around two cells mounted side-by-side. Between these cells is a membrane that allows electrons to pass through. The electrical current generated from this flow of electrons can be used to power a vehicle—and that’s exactly how the e-Sportlimousine works.

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