Australian GP
Mar 13

FIA Will Stop Race If No Cars Are Left Running

Charlie Whiting talking with RBR's Head of Car Engineering Paul Monaghan during testing. (Photo: Ker Robertson/Getty Images)

talking with RBR’s Head of Car Engineering Paul Monaghan during testing. (Photo: Ker Robertson/Getty Images)

Given the poor reliability suffered by teams in testing, there has been a lot of speculation about how many cars might finish in Australia this weekend, with incidents potentially adding to the attrition rate.

When asked today, FIA race director Charlie Whiting said that he will stop the race if there are no cars left running.

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Mar 13

Vettel Not Giving Up On Title Hopes

Sebastian Vettel preparing for this weekend's race at Australia. (Photo: Andrew Hone/Getty Images)

preparing for this weekend’s race at Australia. (Photo: Andrew Hone/Getty Images)

Sebastian Vettel insists that he hasn’t given up hope of challenging for a fifth world championship this year – and believes that Red Bull still has enough time to catch up after its bad start in testing.

“It’s a long year,” he said today. “Our pre-season testing, our preparation, hasn’t been ideal and, yeah, we’re probably not in the best position for this race, but I think it’s a different story when we think about the championship. There’s a long way to go. Two years back Fernando was on the grid with 1.5 seconds to pole position but he was very close to beating us to the title at the very last race. Anything can happen. That’s why this race is important, just as any other one. But there are a lot of races this year.

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Mar 13

F1: McLaren Reveals Mobil 1 Livery For Australian GP

A look at the black and silver livery McLaren Mercedes will run in the Australian Grand Prix. (Photo: McLaren)

A look at the special livery will run in the Australian Grand Prix. (Photo: McLaren)

McLaren Mercedes has failed to find a title sponsor to replace the departed Vodafone, so this weekend in Australia, the team will run a special Mobil livery to celebrate a 20-year relationship with the American brand.

The team linked up at McLaren’s first race with Mercedes power in Australia in 1995.

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Mar 12

F1: Hamilton Plays Down Role As Title Favorite

Lewis Hamilton was all smiles during preseason testing. (Photo: Getty Images)

was all smiles during preseason testing. (Photo: Getty Images)

Not surprisingly Lewis Hamilton is keen to play down his role as a favorite for the 2014 title, and he insists that it’s too early to jump to any conclusions.

“We’ve had a good winter, we’ve done everything we could possibly do to be as ready as we are,” he said today. “But we haven’t started the race yet so we don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re just going to keep our heads down and keep focussing on what we’re doing, and not be disturbed or distracted by what other people are doing, and just stay on track.

“It’s always nice to have positive comments, positive feedback, people thinking positively about me, but I don’t remember what it was in the past, and it was irrelevant back then as well. We’ve got a lot of tough drivers out there this weekend, we don’t know whose going to be at the top, we’ve just got to make sure we do everything OK.”

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Mar 12

2014 F1 Season — Team By Team Guide

Mercedes is one of only two teams retaining both its 2013 drivers. Photo: Getty Images

is one of only two teams retaining its 2013 driver lineup. Photo: Getty Images

Only two teams enter the 2014 season with the same pair of drivers they ran last year, while three outfits – Williams, Toro Rosso and Marussia – have changed engine partners. Those facts alone would make the coming season an intriguing one, but throw in the massive rule changes and there’s plenty of food for thought. Testing showed a clear hierarchy of Mercedes, Ferrari then Renault in terms of the new power units, but it was also apparent that nobody is immune to reliability issues, and that problems in practice and qualifying could prove to be hugely expensive. Here’s our look at how the teams stack up.

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