Australian GP
Mar 27

Vettel uses expletive to describe new F1 sound

Sebastian Vettel sitting in his car prior to the Australian GP. (Photo: Getty Images)

sitting in his car prior to the . (Photo: Getty Images)

Sebastian Vettel caused a stir today by joining in the throng of criticism of the sound made by the 2014 power units.

The German was able to watch the Australian GP from the pits after his early retirement, and thus had a proper chance to form an opinion.

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Mar 27

Ricciardo puts Australian GP frustration behind him

Daniel Ricciardo taking questions leading up to this weekend's Malaysian GP. (Photo: Getty Images)

taking questions leading up to the . (Photo: Getty Images)

Daniel Ricciardo insists that he was quickly able to put the disappointment of his exclusion behind him.

The RBR driver says he has focused on the positives from a race that saw him finish a popular second on the road.

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Mar 25

Renault ready for Malaysia challenge

With Ricciardo's disqualification, Caterham, Red Bull and Lotus, all powered by Renault, failed to score points at Australia. (Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images)

With Ricciardo’s disqualification, Caterham, and , all powered by , failed to score points at Australia. (Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Renault Sport insists that it has got to the bottom of the problems suffered in Australia.

Although three of its cars made the points, the other five Renault powered cars failed to see the flag, albeit for a variety of reasons.

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Mar 25

FIA knew in 2007 that new engines could be ‘unappealing’

Nico Rosberg racing by the crowd during the 2014 Australian GP. (Photo: Paul Crock/AFP/Getty Images)

Nico Rosberg races by the crowd during the 2014 . (Photo: Paul Crock/AFP/Getty Images)

The sound of the 2014 F1 power units has been a subject of debate since the Australian GP, and a negative reaction from fans has hardly come as a surprise.¬†Melbourne F1 boss Ron Walker was quick to join the debate, complaining that he didn’t get the show that he’d signed up for.

In fact, as long as seven years ago the was made aware that engine noise could be an issue once the sport switched to turbo power.

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Mar 23

F1: Red Bull Racing Vows To ‘Prove’ Case In April Appeal

Red Bull believes Daniel Ricciardo should reclaim his second-place Australian GP finish. (Photo: Getty Images)

believes should reclaim his second-place finish. (Photo: Getty Images)

Red Bull’s appeal against the Daniel Ricciardo disqualification will take place in Paris a week after the Bahrain Grand Prix, the announced late on Friday.

“The decision will be published as soon as possible after the (April 14) hearing,” said the governing body in a statement.

The hearing is an important one not only for Red Bull – pushing to recover from a disastrous 2014 preseason – but also for the FIA as it governs the sport’s revolutionary regulations change.

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