Young love runs deep for Texans’ J.J. Watt

For most of the last year, 6-year-old Breanna Bartay has been drawing pictures of a football player and writing “I love PP” on them.

Breanna’s 9s look like Ps, and her favorite player is No. 99 for the Houston Texans, J.J. Watt. And, sure, a lot of people love “PP” around Houston, but for Breanna it wasn’t so much that she loved the way Watt played – she is a 6-year-old girl, after all – it was that she’s had an enormous crush on him since about the first time she ever saw him on television.

So a while back Breanna’s grandmother told her she had to be 25 years old before she could get married, and this was devastating news because Breanna desperately wanted to marry J.J. Watt. She began to cry, and her mom, Lindsey, recorded a video that quickly made its way around the Internet and into Watt’s own consciousness.

“Does anyone happen to know this cute little girl?” Watt wrote to his 200,000 Twitter followers. “We have to find her and turn those tears into a smile.”

And so he did. The whole thing was a surprise. Breanna thought she was just getting a tour of Reliant Stadium. When she saw Watt in the flesh for the first time, she was stunned.

“That looks so real, Mom,” she said.

Breanna thought he was a statue.

She figured out he was real when he put her in a white Texans jersey. That was her dress. Her ring was a Ring Pop. Watt gave her flowers, and they danced to a Justin Bieber song.

“I’ve never proposed to anybody before,” Watt said.

Breanna spent her “wedding” in a state of shock, too bashful to say much or make eye contact. In the car on the way home, Breanna cried.

“She was upset she didn’t talk to him more,” Lindsey said. “She’s really shy. She’s got very low self-esteem and self confidence.”

Before, Breanna thought she was famous because she shared a birthday with Andre Johnson. Now, she thinks she’s famous because her “wedding” to J.J. Watt has been reported all over the country.

And she’s kind of right.

“Let everybody know I think his mother and father are the best parents in the world for raising such a fine young man,” Lindsey said. “He’s amazing. He’s adorable.”