Ware: ‘I sort of agree’ window is closing

According to Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware, Friday morning was the first time he heard team owner Jerry Jones’ comments that the window was closing on the Cowboys’ opportunity to win a Super Bowl with their current group.

Ware’s reaction?

“I sort of agree with it a little bit,” Ware said Friday on ESPN Radio. “The window is always open to win a Super Bowl. If you’re there or not, the Super Bowl is going to be there. But with the team that you have, you never know if you’ll be able to get that team back again. So, when you have that opportunity and you sort of got to take advantage of it right there. And the time is now. The time is now. The time is this year.

“The time was actually yesterday, from last season. I just think guys have got to take it as that, look at the past and try to excel in the future.”

Jones specifically mentioned Ware, quarterback Tony Romo and tight end Jason Witten when he made his statement to the NFL Network during the NFL spring meetings.

“[Those players are in] the prime of their career,” Jones said. “And we need to strike and strike soon with those guys.”

During the radio appearance, Ware said the team’s motto for the 2012 season is: “Put up or shut up.”

Fulfilling that motto begins with offseason workouts, something the NFL didn’t have last year because of the lockout.

Ware says he can already see the difference from having those workouts with the Cowboys coaching staff, adding: “It’s a totally different team this year.”

In order to capitalize on the window still being open, Ware says team unity will be important.

“We have that this year,” Ware said. “We had it last year, but we have it even more this year.”

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