Vince Young’s son is not a fair-weather Longhorn fan

The feeling for most Longhorns heading into Week 7 of college football is a somber one.

After barely squeaking out an unacceptable 3-2 record so far, many are not optimistic about the Longhorns’ chances against the undefeated Sooners in the 108th Red River Rivalry Saturday.

But one fan likes Texas’ chances.

The Texas Exes, the University of Texas at Austin’s alumni organization, released a video of Longhorn legend Vince Young’s son giving ‘advice’ to Texas fans.

In the minute-long clip, Jordan Young, born in 2010, answers four simple questions:

1. How do you feel about the Longhorns?
2. Do you think OU is better than Texas?
3. Do you think OU will beat Texas this year?
4. So, you’re not a fair-weather fan?

What follows is pure Internet cuteness.

But this isn’t the first time Jordan had fans awing at him. Earlier in the season, Young brought his son to a taping of a pregame show airing on the Longhorn Network where Jordan quickly stole the show by singing ‘The Eyes Of Texas.’

Vince Young already had a lasting legacy around the 40 Acres, but with his son’s passion for the Longhorns developed so early and the potential athletic genes, maybe Young’s greatest accomplishment has yet to to hit campus.