Thunder-Grizzlies Game 7 preview

OKLAHOMA CITY — Did you know Thunder guard Caron Butler chews on a straw during games?


Did you know his pantomime of a phone call after a made 3-pointer is, "Because I’m dialing long distance?"


Well, the reason he chews a straw is because he said he can’t find anyone to give him some gum. And the reason his hand is up to his ear for so long after each of those made 3s is because he said, no one was answering on the other end.

Just the facts.

Here are a few more pieces of sorta facts for you heading into Game 7 in Oklahoma City Saturday night:

Memphis will be leading after one quarter, but trail at halftime.

Serge Ibaka had just six shots in the Game 6 victory. He’ll have 10 by halftime Saturday. And have more than three blocks And have more than eight rebounds.

The first Thunder basket of the game will be a dunk by Ibaka or Russell Westbrook.

Steven Adams had five blocks in 20 minutes in Game 6. He won’t play more than 12 minutes Saturday and won’t have more than two blocks.

Jeremy Lamb will have more than 7 minutes of game time.

The Thunder will shoot 48 percent or better. Memphis will shoot 39 percent or worse.

Mike Conley will start but will have less than eight field goal attempts.

Tony Allen will start for the first time this series. Caron Butler will start for the second game in this series – and make at least four 3-pointers.

Durant’s first shot will come on a post-up play against Allen.

Marc Gasol played just 33 minutes and only had 13 attempts in Game 6. He’ll play 40 or more minutes and shoot ig at least 20 times Saturday.

Durant will hear a strong, loud, "MVP," chant on his first free throw attempt. He’ll score 33 or more points.

James Johnson will have 15 or more shot attempts for Memphis.

Beno Udrih will score in double figures but shoot less than 50 percent.

Russell Westbrook will have his second triple-double of the series and have seven or more points by the end of the first quarter.

The free Thunder T-shirts fans will be wearing tomorrow night will not reference The Oklahoman headline of Mr. Unreliable from Thursday.

Thabo Sefolosha will play.

The Thunder will be the only home team to win its Game 7 Saturday.

The Thunder will win and will play Golden State in the semifinals of the Western Conference.

Game 3 record: 10-14-1
Game 4 record: 14-11
Game 5 record: 11-13-1
Game 6 record: 9-12

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