This Week in Sports GIFs

Need a laugh or want to watch a sensational play over and over again in a never ending loop?

Look no further with the Sports GIFs of the Week.

At least golfer Andreas Harto still has his dignity after hitting into a water hazard at the Morocco Tournament.

A.J. Burnett fell for the old exploding rosin bag gag on April Fool’s Day.

Islander’s Matt Marting knocks out New Jersey’s Tom Kostopoulos.

This kids, is why you don’t run on to the pitch during a soccer match.

Amazing Demba Ba goal as Chelsea defeats Manchester United, who says soccer isn’t entertaining?

“If only I had some sunglasses on my face instead of on top of my hat!”
-Hunter Pence

Pistons’ Brandon Knight had a rough week, and missing this uncontested layup probably didn’t help it get any better.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar doesn’t have to look up to many people, much less an over-sized bird.

Looks like somebody wasn’t happy with that referee’s last call.

This man got a one-way ticket to the doghouse. Word of advice, just catch the ball next time.

Relax, that’s why they put the net there.

He learned this watching Indiana’s Cody Zeller in the NCAA tournament.

Prince Fielder hits a home run so hard it knocks a fan out.