The Ubbies: Handing out the Big 12 hardware

After 15 weeks of college football, here are the awards for a memorable Big 12 season.

— David Ubben (@davidubben) October 4, 2013

Most unabashed trolling: John Mackey Award. Here's reality: Jace Amaro is by far the nation's best tight end. Mackey Award officials declined to reclassify him as a tight end after Tommy Tuberville's staff requested he be considered only a receiver back in 2012. He was excluded from the original watch list and a midseason update. Then, he was included on the list of semifinalists, which most assumed would be the end of the issue and the beginning of Amaro's official award campaign. Then the Mackey Award officials didn't include him on the list of three finalists? Really? Amaro's numbers dwarf the three players the award chose, and so does his NFL potential. Silliness.

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