The evolution of James Harden’s beard

The beard wasn’t always there to fear.

James Harden is unquestionably one of the fastest rising stars in the NBA and his beard has kept pace.

But, it hasn’t always been that way. One Reddit user posted an amazing gif of the evolution the Rockets’ guard’s beard has undergone. In 2009, when Harden was drafted by the Thunder, he had a nice, closely-shaved face and head. But as time progressed, so did his hair.

Not only did his facial hair get longer, the mohawk on his head also got taller, almost like somebody pulling strings on the top and bottom of his head.

Now, in 2013, Harden’s signature look is as famous as he is. His look has been immortalized as a wedding cake, a tattoo and a flash drive.

Let’s hope the next four years brings as much bearded madness as the past four.