Texas receiver Davis won’t be suspended for hit in ISU game

Texas receiver Mike Davis has been issued a public reprimand from Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby. He will not be suspended for a hit on Iowa State defensive back Deon Broomfield in Saturday’s 31-30 win over the Cyclones.

“In accord with the Conference’s Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct policy, Mr. Davis’ action was in violation of the rule prohibiting physically abusive acts toward an opponent’s team members during a contest,” Bowlsby said in a release.

Texas running back Joe Bergeron scored a touchdown late in the third quarter and Davis dove at Broomfield’s knees near the end of the play. Davis said the play was a run/screen option he was supposed to cut block his defender. He was not flagged for the hit.

“Given the heightedned emphasis on player safety, unnecessary and illegal acts such as this have no place in the game and are unacceptable,” Bowlsby said.

Davis could be suspended for future offenses, Bowlsby added.