Texans’ Watt reveals fans often ‘visit’ his house

Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub made news this week with a report — which he later denied — that a fan harassed him outside his house over his struggles in the first five games of the season.

That encounter may not have happened, as Schaub said Wednesday, but teammate J.J. Watt revealed he often has fans “visiting” his house as well.

“Yeah, a couple times every week I get people that stop by my house,” Watt said. “It is different every time, sometimes it is just a knock on the door… sometimes they will just sit outside my house, sometimes they’ll follow me home, sometimes they will be waiting in the driveway.”

Watt is well known for trying to accommodate as many fan requests as he can at practices and even when he is out and about in the area, but he said does have a line.

“At dinner and at my house is the two times I refuse autographs and pictures,” Watt said. “I feel like that is a reasonable thing for me; any other time I don’t mind it.”

According to KHOU in Houston, Watt is working to get a gate in his neighborhood to help deter the overly enthusiastic fans who want to stop by his house.