Terrell Owens, failed weatherman

How did this slip in under  the (weather) radar.

If Terrell Owens’ new career as a professional bowler falls through, could local television  weatherman be his next gig?

After this attempt at Los Angeles’ FOX 11, probably not.

T.O. took to the newscast with his attempt at doing the weather, giving the forecast for all of the places he played in the NFL.

San Francisco, if you were not aware of this already, you are now located somewhere up near Alaska.

Dallas, you are now closer to Canada then you are Mexico.

Philadelphia, you are somewhere near the middle of central Canada yourself now.

T.O. was better at giving the seven-day forecast and just reading the temperatures off the screen.

This isn’t Owens’ first time in the newsroom either, in 2009 after signing with the Buffalo Bills, the wide receiver sat at the sports desk reporting on his own first day with the team.

Now all that is left is for T.O. to take of the anchor’s chair for a night, which knowing him might not be out of the question.