Streaker thwarted by chicken mascot in Harden jersey

You’ve seen a streaker give up to security after a long chase in a baseball outfield and even seen one get tackled by a New England Patriots linebacker in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

But have you ever seen a streaker leveled by a man in a chicken suit wearing a James Harden Rockets jersey during a New Zealand rugby match?

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

During the Otago Highlanders’ match against the Blues of Auckland competing in New Zealand’s Super Rugby, that very thing happened on Saturday when a streaker invaded the field only to come face to face with Andrew James the Chicken, one of the mascots for the Highlanders.

“Being a chicken mascot, I’ve got a lot of pride,” James said according to 3 News in New Zealand. “It was for the team, the supports and the stadium.”

With tackling skills like that, maybe this mascot needs to hang up the feathered suit and join the team on the field against its next opponent — something that James hopes will happen as a result.

“I call it the smother hen. Just wrap them up and pin them to the ground. Next game I’ll be on the team sheet, maybe be in the starting lineup, ” James said.

With all the excitement, one question remains unanswered: Why was the chicken mascot wearing a Harden jersey anyways?

Perhaps some things are better left a mystery.