Spurs’ Popovich gives epic ‘preseason’ interview

It’s that time of year again.

The NBA is gearing up for the start of the regular season and Gregg Popovich is up to his old tricks.

Before the start of the fourth quarter during the Spurs-Rockets game in San Antonio, Coach Pop gave TNT’s Craig Sager another classic interview.

As the questions begin, Pop asks, “This is the preseason, right? We’ve got to do this in the preseason?”

He proceeds to scold Sager with “preseason” over and over, until he gives in and answers he’s questions.

But he doesn’t go out without a fight.

When Sager asks what the biggest challenge during the preseason for him has been, Pop responds, “Getting to the restaurant on time.”

Classic Pop.

Even though it’s all fun and games between the two, and there’s little doubt Coach Pop hams it up especially for Sager, it’s still entertaining to watch.

After all, look at Tony Parker’s smirk over Pop’s right should around 28 seconds. Even he knows to watch Pop give this interview.

(H/T Bleacher Report)