Spurs Green denies partying with Heat after Finals loss

What do you do when your team suffers an agonizing defeat when a championship was within grasp?

Well, if you’re Danny Green, you go out to a Miami nightclub for a night of deafening loud music and mixed drinks. Unfortunately for Green, it also happened to be the same South Beach club that LeBron James and the Heat chose to celebrate their winning of the Larry O’Brien Trophy after an exciting Game 7.

But was near-Finals MVP Green out partying with actual NBA Finals MVP James and the Heat?

Green took to Twitter to proclaim his innocence to recovering Spurs fans saying he “just happened to be at the same place, wrong time.”

Let’s be honest, Green was probably just as disappointed to see members of the Heat walking through the nightclub door as Spurs fans were when photos of their rising star with San Antonio’s enemy-No. 1 James surfaced right after having their hearts ripped out on the court.

James did come to the defense of his former Cleveland teammate on Twitter with a pair of tweets Sunday morning saying Green “came by to say congrats” and said the two exchanged pleasantries before going their separate ways.

Judging from the photos, the hug looks more like a forced “I’ll-congratulate-you-but-I-don’t-really-want-to” type of hug anyways.