Saints’ Sean Payton a better QB than Tony Romo?

Add New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton to the list of Tony Romo doubters. Well, sorta.

On Wednesday night, Payton appeared on Jim Rome’s new show, simply entitled “Rome”, and the subject of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback came up. Rome asked Payton who was the better college quarterback, Romo or himself, since they both attended the same college.

Payton, without hesitation, said himself. “Payton, wasn’t close. Just look at the numbers. I don’t know that Tony’s even graduated from Eastern yet.”

Now, probably, it’s all just in good fun, but Payton does have a point. He currently still holds Eastern Illinois’ record for most passing yards in a game at 509, according to Rome.

Chances are, this argument has come up before between the pair. Payton was the quarterbacks coach and assistant head coach under Bill Parcells during Romo’s rookie season in 2005. Romo never played in a game, so there was plenty of time for the two to trade barbs.  

But maybe Romo can get the last laugh. If Rome had asked who the better NFL quarterback is, that one would have to go to Romo. Payton played in the NFL for only one year as a member of the Chicago Bears’ replacement team (or “Spare Bears”) during the 1987 players strike. Romo is gearing up for his eighth season with the Cowboys.

Then again, some may still argue Tony Romo is worse.