Romo believes Bryant will continue to improve

IRVING, Texas – Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo says he trusts Dez Bryant.

Romo and the physically gifted Cowboys wide receiver haven’t been on the same page several times this season and it’s no secret that their miscommunications have contributed to Romo’s league-high 13 interceptions.

One of the most recent examples came during Sunday’s 29-24 loss to the New York Giants. Romo threw his first of four interceptions after Bryant ran an incorrect route.

“I just feel like the guy made a good play on it,” Bryant said Thursday, referring to the interception made by Giants safety Stevie Brown. “I ran it a tad bit too deep. That’s what it was.”

Bryant declined to say that he let Romo down on the play.

“I know Romo believes in me,” Bryant said. “As you can see, as the game went on, he was still coming at me.”

Bryant also declined to say that the interception on the Cowboys’ first series set the tone for a 23-0 run by the defending Super Bowl champs.

“I don’t want to say that, because I felt like even with all the bad stuff that was going on, we still knew in our head, ‘Hey, we know who we are,'” Bryant said. “As that game went on, I know y’all saw us come back from 23-down and have a chance to win the game.”

It’s highly unlikely that Romo would ever call out Bryant publicly. That’s not Romo’s style. Delivering positive statements is the method the quarterback generally uses.

When talking about Bryant on Thursday, Romo continued to focus on the 23-year-old receiver’s upside, saying Bryant is “going to continue to get better and better and explode on the scene.”

But Romo, 32, also understands that he needs a dependable receiver right now.

“If your team’s going to be any good, if the quarterback is going to be good, he’s got to trust things around him and let it go,” Romo said. “We have to do a lot of things better. It’s not just one thing. We need to throw it better. We need to run the route good. We need to block.

“It comes down to a lot of things that make for turnovers sometimes. I think we’re coached very hard to rectify those things. But as a quarterback, if you’re going to hold the ball and double-check and triple-check the routes and people, your team’s got no chance.”

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