RG3 is now Jesus, according to new T-shirt

Robert Griffin III needs to get out of the T-shirt business.

A few weeks ago a shirt designed featuring half the QB’s face and half of a Native American.

Then, he was fined $10,000 by the NFL for wearing unauthorized apparel during warmups of a preseason game.

And now, apparently RGIII is Jesus.

Sure, Robert Griffin III has certainly made a name for himself, becoming one of the most talked about NFL players currently playing. And his recovering from knee surgery has been nothing less of remarkable.

But, is he on the level of Jesus?

Apparently, apparel company Monumental Threads thinks so. They are selling a shirt with the the quarterback’s number and the phrase ‘He Has Risen’ written across the front. And it’s only $18.99.

Now, to be fair the ‘Jesus’ shirt probably wasn’t approved by Griffin nor did he have any knowledge of it, but he may need to start paying attention to the way his name is being thrown around.

According to his Twitter profile, RG3 is a spiritual man. ‘I have no Religion. I have a relationship with God’ it reads.

One would wonder how he feels about

Unless he has a God complex. Then he might like it.