Reports: Fan dies after fall at Reliant Stadium

A fan reportedly dies after falling from an escalator at the Texans-Vikings game on Thursday night.

HOUSTON — A man fell to his death from an escalator at Reliant Stadium during an NFL preseason game on Thursday, multiple outlets have reported.

The Houston Chronicle, citing Houston police, reported that the 45-year old man was trying to slide down the outside of the handrail on an escalator and fell three stories to the pavement below.

The incident occurred during the third quarter of the Houston Texans’ game against the Minnesota Vikings. Reliant Park released a statement confirming an unidentified man had fallen from an escalator and had been transported to a local hospital.

An eyewitness told FS Southwest he didn’t believe the man could have survived.

“There’s no way he would have lived,” said the witness, who asked his name not be used.

The witness who spoke to FS Southwest said the fallen man was a few feet behind him on the escalator when he fell. The witness heard a “loud thud” on the concrete, causing a chorus of screams. He said others who looked over the rail recoiled in horror, while others documented the incident on their camera phones.

“Instantly we knew what really happened,” said the witness, who ran to alert authorities.