Rangers showing they’re just one big happy family

One of the keys to success in baseball is a good “clubhouse vibe.” Players spend eight to nine months of the year with one another creating, in most cases, a family-like atmosphere.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Texas Rangers are having success this season is their clubhouse is, almost literally, a family, complete with a pair of “siblings” who take joy in messing with each other.

It is well documented that Adrian Beltre isn’t a fan of people touching his head, which, of course, his teammates exploit on a near-nightly basis in the dugout.

During Saturday night’s game in Seattle, cameras caught Elvis Andrus (whom we will call the “little brother”) doing his best to get under the skin of Beltre (the big brother), by, you guessed it, touching the veteran’s head after a team visit to the mound. Beltre’s reaction was his classic glaring, stern look followed by throwing his glove at the back to the giggling Andrus who was running back to his spot in the infield.

Typical behavior from a kid brother.

Later, big-brother Beltre got back at little-brother Andrus when an infield fly had the two battling for the catch. Once again Andrus comes out of nowhere, laughing his head off, acting like he is going to take the ball, but this time Beltre swats him away, getting the out, followed by his signature glare.

Maybe Beltre needs to do what most mothers say after the elder brother complains about the younger one pestering them…

“Just ignore him and he will stop.”

But we all know that never actually works out.