Phil Simms: RG3 doing better than Romo

If it was Week 17 and the NFC East title was up for grabs, which quarterback in the division, not named Eli Manning, would you want starting for your team?
That question was posed by former Redskins and Giants linebacker LaVar Arrington during Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” this week.
Arrington asked the question to fellow analysts Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth.
Both former Pro Bowl players chose Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but they had some interesting opinions to go with their pick.
Collinsworth said Romo’s been asked to do too much.
“I think Tony Romo has been asked to drag that team through that division for the past six or seven years,” Collinsworth said. “You cannot keep the focal point on a guy, unless he is Peyton Manning, 24 hours a day the way that it is on Romo.”
Simms defended Romo, but then turned the topic to the quarterback in the division, not named Manning, “that has the presence that brings everybody else along.”
If that’s the question being asked, then Washington’s Robert Griffin III is Simms’ pick.
“I have no doubt, that is Robert Griffin III,” Simms said. “Because I’m just reading the comments and how the players talk about him. You can see it in their face. They believe he is doing things to lead them. And I can’t say that right now about Michael Vick and Tony Romo.”
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