Now’s your chance to own a piece of Kyle Field

Every Texas A&M student knows that after big wins, Aggies don’t storm Kyle Field because the field is sacred ground.

Well starting Monday, Aggie fans will have a chance to own some of the sacred turf for themselves.

The school will sell pallets of the harvested sod beginning Monday on the school’s athletics site For $400, you get approximately 450 square feet of the sod. The sod will be harvested after the final home game of the season Nov. 9. It must be picked up Nov. 10.

If $400 is a little steep, there will also be single squares of the tifway-bermuda which is overseeded with rye grass  sold for $20.

Kyle Field is getting a new playing surface for the 2014 season.

In addition to the sod, buyers get a certificate of authenticity so they know their grass came from A&M and a care guide for maintaining the turf that Johnny Manziel roams.