Murray showcases aggressive running style

The physical nature of DeMarco Murray’s running style was one of the many topics Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones discussed Friday morning on his radio show.

Murray showcased his aggressiveness on multiple occasions in Wednesday night’s 24-17 win over the New York Giants, rushing for 131 yards on 20 carries.

“He makes a lot of contact with that head,” Jones said on 105.3 [KRLD-FM] The Ticket’s Elf and Slater show. “It just shows how physical he is, especially at the end of his runs. I’m going to tell you, that’s demoralizing for a defense to get a back that’s going to give more to you than you give to him on the end of a run. I think that paid off.

“He’s a big guy, so a lot of times he’s being tackled by guys that aren’t that big, those d-backs in the secondary. He delivers the blow. We saw [Marion] Barber able to do that. Of course this one, Murray, has got speed and got exceptional awareness. If you ever meet him, his handshake is devastating. He’ll bring you to your knees.”

“He really approaches everything he does in such a firm, aggressive but business-like manner. He’s a good player.”

Murray’s most impressive run came late in the third quarter on second-and-three at the Cowboys’ 27-yard line. Last year’s third-round pick looked to be stopped for a loss but found a way to get free and burst to the outside. Murray then scampered 48 yards before lowering his head into Giants defensive back Antrel Rolle, instead of simply stepping out of bounds.

“I think that’s a mentality, an attitude, whatever you want to call it,” Jones said. “But the good news is that he’s got speed. We saw the big run. He basically reversed his field in the backfield and made the run. That takes a lot of speed. Plus he’s got power.”

Jones said it was fair to say that Murray plays with a chip on his shoulder. But as Jones added, “That doesn’t mean he’s not nice to be around. He reminds you of a gunfighter, man. He’s ready to roll.”