Murray: No Cowboy resents Romo for new contract

DeMarco Murray was a busy man Wednesday morning. The Dallas Cowboys
running back made the rounds on ESPN, bouncing from “SportsCenter” to
“First Take” to “The Herd with Colin Cowherd.”

course, there was no way Murray was going to make it through the day
without being asked about Tony Romo and the six-year, $108 million
contract extension the Cowboys quarterback inked in

A lot of pressure comes with signing that type
of lucrative deal, as if being the starting quarterback of the Cowboys
didn’t already provide enough of that. When Murray was discussing the
topic, he tried to explain how that pressure shouldn’t solely be on Romo
because success won’t come unless his teammates aren’t doing their

“He will have a great year,” Murray said on
First Take. “I don’t think it’s Tony Romo himself. We have to have guys
on the outside stepping up, guys in the front five stepping up and guys
in the backfield stepping up. It’s not all on his head. He gets a lot of
criticism, a lot of the blame. As individuals, we have a lot of talent
and we have to make plays for him.”

Murray said on
SportsCenter that Romo is “definitely” worthy of the contract extension
and joked about how Romo has spent some of that money taking Murray out
to dinner a couple times during the

Murray didn’t appear to be resentful that
Romo has become the highest paid player in the franchise’s history, and
Murray said he doesn’t fear that his teammates will have any ill will
towards Romo, either.

“Not at all,” Murray said. “I
think when you look at Romo, no one has higher expectations for him on
this team than Tony Romo. I can tell you right now, every guy is behind
Romo and every guy has his back, from the undrafted guys to the No. 1
starting tackles or anyone. Yeah, he signed a big contract. It’s time
for not only him but it’s time for us as a team to be cohesive and us as
a team to win some games up there.”

The Cowboys have
been criticized over the years for not having the leadership that
previous Cowboys teams have had. Some don’t believe Romo is a leader.
Murray disagrees with those critics.

During his time
with Cowherd, Murray said Romo is “definitely” a leader and explained

“I see it every day,” Murray said. “I see it
when no one’s there at 8 a.m. and it’s him and I there working out. When
it’s 5 o’clock at night and it’s 120 degrees and he’s outside running
and trying to get better. Just his vocal mentality, how he comes in
there and commands the huddle, demands that people play up to their
expectations, whether it’s practice, a walk-through or a game, he is a
leader. He is the leader of our

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